Legal Agreement:

At the end of this document, you will be asked to click on “agree,” which means that you should read this entire document before clicking on that box. When you click on that box, it tells us that you know what you are signing, and that you are agreeing to all of the terms and conditions we require for us to work together. Here they are:


  1. This training is free. Because the training is free does not mean that it does not have monetary value. We have chosen to offer it to you, for your benefit, and to ensure that you are going to build your distributorship according to the Herbalife Rules and Regulations. We want to be sure that you are committed to being a good and honest distributor, and have the necessary tools to succeed.
  1. This Training Program was designed by John Peterson, Jr. and Jennifer Peterson Wroe for the training of their downlines. That being said, we spent a lot of time and money preparing this training. That means that we own it. It is our intellectual property and as such, we own all of the rights to it. If you want to use it, just ask. But please, do NOT misappropriate it. Here are the things you may not do: (a) You may not copy it, share it, borrow from it, or cut and paste it. (b) Nor may you use our names, the names of our companies, or any other materials which we own without our explicit, written consent.  (c) You may not represent that you have any relationship to us other than as a distributor in our downline; you may not state, suggest or imply that you own or any other website (d)  You may not use or any of our websites for your personal or professional benefit.
  1. We know this business. We want you to succeed. That means we’re on the same team. Please behave the way you would expect someone on your team to behave – obey the rules, work hard, and ask if you have questions. Don’t ever make up an answer when you don’t know. That is why we are here to help you.
  1. This document, and enrollment in our program, requires that you accept responsibility for your actions. That means that if you violate the terms and conditions of this agreement, or of your Herbalife distributorship, you are legally responsible for those acts. You are agreeing to complete the training and obey the rules. Failure to do so, and any acts you undertake on behalf of your own distributorship, are your liability.
  1. Therefore, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless J&S Vision Marketing, Inc.,, Inc., and any and all subsidiary companies, and Susan B. Peterson, Jennifer Peterson Wroe and John Peterson, Jr. personally and in their roles as owners of any and all companies or subsidiaries of companies named above, from every claim or demand made, and every liability, loss, damages or expense, of any nature whatsoever, including attorneys fees and costs which result from any act or omission by you. These acts or omissions may result in damage to the reputation of any of the individuals or our companies, and if that happens, we will hold you responsible and pursue legal action against you individuals. If a legal action is brought against us for anything that you have done, we will expect you to defend your actions and pay for our legal defense, as well as for any damages.
  1. This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Texas. If there is a disagreement or legal action between us, it must be arbitrated in Harris County, Texas under the rules of the American Arbitration Association.

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