My Training

Step 1


Welcome to the Peterson Team! We are so excited that you’ve chosen the Herbalife Opportunity! In this module, we introduce you to the WorkFromHome System, explain to you about the International Business Pack that you’ll be receiving shortly from Herbalife and teach you how you will get set up in our exclusive group chat hosted through Telegram.

Step 2

Complete required online training with Herbalife

This Module teaches you how to access the required training by Herbalife that you must take in order to activate your Herbalife Independent Distributor license. Once you take the training, you’ll learn how to use the tools provided by Herbalife to document your sales, as well as how to make appropriate claims. Please note that the training is required by Herbalife and if you do not take it, you will be unable to order products for inventory, customer direct or personal consumption. You also will be unable to sponsor or recruit new preferred members or distributors and cannot receive earnings from Herbalife.

Step 3

Learn the basic program

In this module, we teach you about the cornerstone product program that we not only personally use- but also recommend to our clients- through the WorkFromHome system. The products that make up the Basic Program are the Formula 1 Nutritional Shake, the Protein Drink Mix, The Herbal Tea Concentrate and the Herbal Aloe Concentrate.

Step 4

Getting your Personal Results

This module is all about you! We teach the importance of a personal connection to the products and how that will help drive your sales in this business. The material here will help you understand the difference between a personal order versus a customer order, how to use the Herbalife products, learn how to appropriately share your results and how to actually order products online through your site. We also share some of our favorite meal plan guides and shake recipes to help you stick to your own nutritional plan.

Step 5

Schedule a call to review your goals

This Module will prepare you for a personal one-on-one call with your Coach where you will discuss your goals. You will dive deep into what motivated you to begin this opportunity and will fill out several worksheets that will not only help you tailor your current goals, but will also help your Coach better understand what your ‘Why’ is.

Step 6

Setting up your online shopping site and PayPal

You are almost ready to start getting your first customers! Here you will learn how to set up (and personalize) the online shopping website, GOHERBALIFE, that every USA distributor is provided by Herbalife. Your GoHerbalife site is very important because Herbalife does not allow you to create your own sales website or to sell through third party auction sites, such as Amazon and Ebay. You will also learn how to set up one of the supported payment processors (PayPal or ProPay).

Step 7

The Herbalife Products

This module teaches you all about the vast range of products and product categories that Herbalife offers. Once you’ve read and watched the material in the module, you’ll have a better understanding about the products that Herbalife offers, beyond the basic program, so that you can fine tune any product program that you sell to suit your individual customer’s personal health and nutrition goals.

Step 8

Herbalife Marketing Plan

Here, you’ll learn how Herbalife compensates it’s distributors through it’s marketing plan structure. Basically, you’ll find out exactly how you get paid when you sell products and when you recruit team members onto your team who are selling products!

Step 9

Getting Your First Customer

It’s time to get out there and start selling the products! No sales experience? No problem! In this module, we teach you the beginner’s basics of how to reach out to prospects. You’ll learn how to talk to people that you already know, how to share your personal product testimony, how to make a sale, and the concept of Use-Wear-Talk.

Step 10

Closing Your Sale

Part of making your first sale is learning how to close the deal! In this module, you’ll learn how to close a sale, how to handle some common customer objections that you might be faced with, and you’ll learn how to properly document your sales. We also provide you with some valuable customer support tools and tips in this section, such as how to customize a client’s meal plan, recommended snack ideas and delicious smoothie recipes that your clients can make using the Herbalife products.

Step 11

Get Clients with Our 21 Day Healthy Fit Challenge

Learn how to get clients with the WorkFromHome system’s exclusive Hello Fit Weight Loss Challenge. Beyond learning about the monthly customer challenge we offer, you’ll learn how to invite people to join, what qualifies a person to join and how to register your qualified customers into it- as well as how you, as the coach, will participate in it. And, you’ll have access to the exclusive marketing tools we have created for this, such as the challenge pitch video link and promotional flyers.

Step 12

3-Day Trial Pack – What it is, and how to use/sell it

• We teach you about the Herbalife 3-Day-Trial Pack, which is basically a customer’s opportunity to try the Shake, Protein Drink Mix and Tea/Total Control tablets in a 3-day period without having to pay the full cost of full size packaging. You’ll also learn how you can incorporate it into a special WorkFromHome system customer challenge, so that your customers can get results in just 72 hours!

Step 13

Following Up With Your Customers

This module is all about the amazing customer service that our clients expect to receive with their Herbalife distributor. Here you will learn about the importance of following up with your customers and building those lasting relationships. You’ll hear about how we do it and will be provided a recommended follow up schedule so that you can gauge and track your customer’s results and needs while they are on an Herbalife program.

Step 14

Methods To Get New Customers

In this module, we dive into some additional methods that can help you to get new customers that we haven’t already discussed yet. Some of these methods are: in-services, social media, spa parties and nutrition clubs. There is a tool for everyone!

Step 15

Coach Call About Getting Your First Customer

This module prepares you for a one-on-one call that you will schedule with your coach. The goal of the call will be to better prepare you to work with and find customers in the market place, while discussing what you have already tried so far.

Step 16

Success Training Seminar’s In Your City/Town

This module offers you a look at exciting Herbalife Nutrition sponsored events happening around the country that you can plug into or work to qualify to attend.

Step 17

Recruiting New Team Members with Herbalife

It’s time to duplicate your success! Here, we teach you how to advance up the Herbalife Marketing plan- by recruiting new people to join your Herbalife team! We’ll show you how to sign someone new up to work the Herbalife Nutrition Business Opportunity below you as well as how you will present the business opportunity in an attractive and understandable manner to others.

Step 18

Personal Development

Our final module is totally about you. We genuinely believe that if you stop growing, you stop going. In our opinion, personal development is key for any entrepreneur- so why shouldn’t you plug into the power of it too? Here, we offer some tips for personal development, as well as recommended books that can help you train your mindset so that you position yourself for success.