Step 17

Recruiting New Team Members with Herbalife

For Potentials Interested in the Business Opportunity

Have you ever taken Herbalife before?

In Herbalife we have a very strong code of ethics. If somebody has taken Herbalife before we should encourage them to go back to their sponsor. If somebody was once an Herbalife member (Preferred Member or Distributor) they must wait 12 months (from the date their membership ends) in order to sign up with someone else. If you have any questions regarding how to approach someone who has taken Herbalife before or has been a member, contact your Sponsor.

IF they have NOT taken Herbalife before:

To give you a little background, Herbalife is a premier nutrition company that has been around for 39 years. Our products are created and backed up by the best scientists and doctors, with one of them being a Nobel prize winner for medicine (the only nutrition company with such recognition). With great products comes an amazing opportunity. If I were to send you a video which will give you more information, would you watch it?

Great. To watch the video regarding our income opportunity please go on

By when will you be able to watch it?

Get in touch with your Sponsor in order to get assistance with recruiting your first Distributor.