Step 13

Following Up With Your Customers


Follow up with the customer to make sure they have received their product order in mail. This is typically 3-5 days from the date they placed the order on your online shopping site. Once they have the products in hand, ask them when they plan on starting the program. That day will be considered ‘day 1’.

  1. Recommend that they take their starting measurements (weight, waist, hips, etc.)
  2. Recommend that they take a before photo (front and side)
    • Ask them to email you these for your coach records

You’re calling the first day to make sure they started the products. ASK THEM:

  1. Did you start taking the products?
    • If no, ask them when they plan to start and stop the follow up. Find out when they want to begin, and start the follow up process that day.
  2. How did you make your shake this morning?
    • This enables you make sure they are making the product correctly. If they did it wrong, kindly tell how to do it the right way, so that they will enjoy the program.
  3. How did you like the taste and texture of your shake?
    • If too thin, they can add more ice to it to thicken it up
  4. How long did it keep you full for?
    • If the shake kept them full for less than 3 hours discuss adding Protein Drink Mix (PDM). If they already purchased this product, recommend that they can add an extra scoop of it- more protein = more fullness. It will also make the shake a bit thicker.
    • We do not recommend adding more fruit than the size of a small closed fist into the shake; more fruit= more calories and if they are trying to lose weight, this will slow them down.
  5. What time did you take your tablets/tea/aloe (and any other applicable product that they ordered)?
    • Make sure they are not taking the tea (or total control tablets) in the late afternoon/evening/night. It is a caffeine based product and will give them lots of energy, and can interfere with their sleep schedule.
  6. How is your energy and appetite level?
    • If their energy is low, add tea
    • If they are still hungry, suggest small healthy snacks throughout the day. Herbalife offers a wonderful selection of protein bars, or they can snack on something else high protein, like roasted almonds.
  7. Did you write down your starting weight and measurements? Did you take a before photo?
    • If they have not sent it you, please ask them to do so for your coach records. This allows you to refer back to it at a later date if they need some motivation or are curious how far they’ve come.
  8. Remind them that two shakes and one meal equals weight loss. If they are trying to gain weight, they should be consuming two shakes a day in addition to three healthy meals.
  9. Let them know it is very important that you speak with them in 2 
 They can call you anytime in between your calls to them.
    • Make sure they have saved your contact info in their phone, so that they can easily get ahold of you if needed.
    • If you have another job or other obligations, tell them the best hours to contact you if they have questions.
    • Confirm a time frame that you’ll be back in touch with them for when you call them (schedule an apt)
  10. Lastly, make sure you tell them GREAT JOB on their first day. This is the most important step. Your job, as the coach, is to be their cheerleader!

You’re calling to make sure they’re using the products properly. ASK THEM:

  1. How is your program going?
  2. How did you make your shake today? Yesterday?
  3. How is your appetite? If they say they are hungry suggest that they can add more protein to their shakes (PDM, PPP).
  4. Remind them that 2 shakes, 1 meal, cut back and you’ll lose weight, you’ll love it. Tell them testimonials about other product users that they can relate to. This will encourage them to keep on.

 (NOTE for distributor’s knowledge: Remember that a rapid change in someone’s diet can cause headaches, diarrhea or constipation, so if they complain of any of these ask them if they have cut down on their intake of coffee, sugar, carbs or fiber. Ask them if they have added milk to their diet. The dietary change challenges they are experiencing usually go away on their own in a couple of days. Remember it is not the products; it is a change in their dietary intake. Be strong and confident.)

**Any health conditions or medical questions relating to usage of the Herbalife products or the program should be directed to the person’s doctor**

You’re calling to see how they have been doing on the program so far. The key here is to make sure they have been keeping consistent with the plan.

  1. How is your program going?
  2. How are your hunger levels?
  3. If they have had any dietary challenges, such as sugar withdrawals, ask them about it and how they are feeling. Encourage them to continue to stick with the program.
  4. Remind them 2 shakes, 1 meal, cut back, you’ll lose weight, you’ll love it.

Continued follow up. 


  1. How have you been enjoying the products?
  2. Have you found the shakes to have been pretty easy to incorporate into your current lifestyle?
  3. Ask if they have any questions about the current program they are on so far.
  4. Ask them if they have plugged into the customer chat group where they can connect with other customers on similar journeys.
    • If they have, ask how they like it, etc
    • If they have not, help them get into it. The chat is a great tool to help them along their journey and often times, another customer will answer a question or give a recommendation before you do.
  5. Let them know that you’ll be dialing down follow up a little bit and will now move to following up with them once a week. Tell them you’ll touch base at the end of the following week (day 14 of the program)
    • This is because by this point, they understand what to do and how to take the product.
    • They should also be encouraged to use the chat or to reach out to you should they have any questions related to the program they are on or any additional products they want.
  6. Congratulate them on their first full week on their program! Share with them how excited and proud you are.

You’re calling to check results and see if anyone has noticed a change in them.

  1. How is your program going? How do you feel?
  2. Make sure they are still on it, and making the products correctly.
    • If they are not ‘feeling any different’ make sure they are actually taking the product.
  3. How is your energy level?
  4. Have you stepped on a scale yet? How much weight have you lost? Have you noticed a difference in your inches yet?
    • If they say they have noticed a difference (inches, energy, etc, ask “Has anyone noticed yet or commented on it?”
    • If yes, tell them you appreciate referrals
    • If no, give them the confidence by telling them it’s going to come soon and that you are so excited about their results!
  5. It is now time to start discussing a re-order with them; as the products take about three to five business days to ship, and they do not want to be without products to continue the journey next month
    • Modify their nutrition plan if necessary by adding or changing products. Make sure to educate them on the product catalog as well as the flavor selections
    • “Have you had a chance to look at the online catalog? Did you see any other products in the catalogue that interested you? Or do you have any other questions about other products that we offer?”

Their first month is almost up (and their order supply should be almost depleated)

  1. Ask how they’ve enjoyed the Herbalife product program for the last month. Be positive and confident here.
  2. Ask if they have reordered (you will know)-
    • If they have, ask if the new products have arrived at their house and if they are ready to continue.
    • If they have not, tell them they really ought to so that they can continue on their journey.
    • Recommend that they refer to their before photo and compare the difference
    • Ask what you can do to help assist in the reorder
  3. Tell them that at this point, you’ll be following up with them every two weeks versus once a week. You don’t want to smother them, but you are there for them and they can reach out to you any time, or through the customer chat as long as they keep ordering products
    • If they object, ask them what kind of follow up they would like. (Only follow up with a person who re-orders from you)
    • If they still haven’t reordered, find out why.
      1. If they are done with the program, remove them from the customer chat group.

Customer Service Tips

As an Herbalife Nutrition Independent Distributor, your clients’ success is your success. When they see results, not only do you affect their lives, you create advocates for your business! Keep reading for 10 of our top tips for providing the best customer experience.


  1. Get to know your customers and their specific goals. Connect with and inspire them by sharing your testimonial and personal progress.
  2. The best way to make each customer’s experience personalized and unique is to set up a system to keep track of key details about them like their age, goals, family members, birthdays, etc.
  3. Be available and stay in touch! Respond to customers promptly and keep them motivated toward their goals.
  4. Sign up for HNconnect and easily engage with your customers using the tool’s automated features.
  5. Use to make product recommendations and design customized shopping carts for your customers based on their goals and preferences.
  6. Encourage your customers to set up a Wellness Profile based on their goals.
  7. Track your customers’ weight, measurements and BMI, and document their progress.
  8. Keep your customers engaged and consistently using the products with the HN Rewards program, where they can earn Points for purchases or completing activities.
  9. Invite them to be a part of other healthy, active lifestyle activities within the Herbalife Nutrition community (e.g., Weight Loss Challenge, shake party or Fitness Camp).
  10. Celebrate your customers’ achievements!