Step 2

Complete required online training with Herbalife


At Herbalife, we’re always committed to Building It Better, and we pride ourselves on having the very best Distributors committed to the highest level of business practices and integrity. So we’ve developed a simple training course to help ensure all Herbalife Independent Distributors know the “Rules of the Road.” The new Required Distributor Training will help ensure you have a solid foundation for growing your business. It will also give you some new tips and tools to help you along your journey.

Learn how to:

  • Use new Herbalife tools to document retail sales
  • Create a business budget and manage income and expenses
  • Make appropriate claims
  • …and much more!

Who is required to take the training?

All Distributors must complete the Required Distributor Training. If you do not complete your training, the following limitations to your Distributor privileges will go into effect:
  • You cannot order products for retail inventory, customer direct, or for personal consumption by you or your household
  • You cannot sponsor or recruit new Preferred Members and Distributors
  • You cannot receive earnings from Herbalife
  • Visit the New Requirements page for more information on receipting.

How do I take the training?

  1. Go to the Learning Center to take the training now.
  2. Download the mobile app by searching for “Herbalife Learning” in the App Store® or Google Play™ store.
  3. Take the training over the phone! Call Member Services at 866-866-4744 (select language, then select option 1 for Distributor).
    1. From the next menu, select option 1 for Automated Services.
    2. Next, select the option for Required Distributor Training and follow the instructions.


If you or anyone in your downline has other questions regarding the training, call Member Services at 866-866-4744 (select language, then select option 1 for Distributor).